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Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT (đề 19)

[] – Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT- Trung tâm gia sư sư phạm Hà Nội.

Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT (đề 19):

Đề bài:

Question I: Choose one word that is pronounced differently from the others in each group.

  1. a. few                          b. new                       c. threw                      d. knew
  2. a. nicest                     b. largest                  c. hottest                    d. best
  3. a. can                          b. cell                         c. call                          d. cold
  4. a. played                    b. cooked                   c. examined              d. called
  5. a. eggs                        b. floors                      c. books                      d. pens
  6. 1. Mr Brown  just ( finish) reading the letter when the telephone  on his desk ( ring)
  7. 2. Those students who ( fail) the exam are going to take another one held in August
  8. 3. Hurry up or you ( be) late for class.
  9. 4. Hurry up or our favourite TV programme ( be) over long before we ( reach) home
  10. 5. I  ( not have ) much time for entertainment  these days.
  11. 6. Look! A man ( run) after the bus. He wants to catch it.
  12. 7. We don’t  want to ( pay ) low wages.
  13. 8. Two robbers ( put) in prison  escaped yesterday.
  14. 9. It is 2 years since I ( last give) presents on Christmasday.
  15. 10. Nothing ( do) about this problem for months
  16. 11. If it ( be not) for your help, I could not have passed the exam.
  17. 12. I wish they ( pass) their exam next year.
  18. 13. Were you to have  a car what you ( do)?

Question II: Complete sentences using the correct form of the words in brackets.

  1. I believe you because I know you are … …( truth)
  2. The factory was … the management tried to cut cost by making some workers redundant. ( compete)
  3. The alpine ….is very dramatic. ( land)
  4. You can find  out what a book is about by looking at its table of …..( contain)
  5. When Pele retired, it was a great ……to the Brazilian soccer. ( lose)
  6. It is really quite ….. that we should have been at the same college without having met before. ( ordinary)
  7. Leisure habits won’t change  much in the … future. ( see)
  8. I don’t think Tom’s getting too much  sleep lately. His eyes are terribly …. ( blood)
  9. All of his ….are about love. ( poet)
  10. The …..staff consists of ten experienced journalists. ( edit)

Question III: Choose the best answer to complete the following sentenses.

1. There was hardly ……money left in  my bank account.

a. more                             b. no                            c. some                                   d. any

2. You are ….who noticed.

a. the single                     b. the only                  c. only one                             d. the only one

3. Their house is ….. near the Cathedral .

a. whereabouts                b. anywhere               c. somewhere                                    d. anyplace

4. The reason I left is ….I was bored.

a. why                               b. that                         c. while                                  d. for

5. I will go on holiday …..I can.

a. as soon as                     b. as                            c. until                                    d. how

6. I am sorry I ……your party. I was away at the time.

a. lost                                b. failed                      c. told                                     d. missed

7. We ….her a happy birthday.

a. wished                          b. said                         c. told                                     d. wanted

8. Your room is a mess! ….it up at once.

a. Arrange                        b. Make                      c. Tidy                                    d. Do

9. Could you ….me ten pounds until next payday?

a. let                                  b. provide                   c. borrow                                d. lend

10. Bill has ….his job and gone back to college.

a. let off                            b. given up                 c. passed up                           d. withdawn

11. I wish to apply …..the post of surveyor with your company.

a. in                                   b. for                           c. to                                         d. with

12. I came ….a reference to Makonde carving when I was an artist.

a. across                           b. into                         c. over                                     d. for

13. Does anyone know …..this hat might be?

a. who                               b. whom                     c. whose                                 d. to whom

14. The old lady was …..exhausted after the long walk.

a. very                              b. absolutely              c. pretty                                  d. fairly

15. Nam’s brother does not work as a teacher, and she doesn’t …..

a. either                            b. neither                   c. so                                        d. too

Question IV: A- Put one suitable word in the blanks.

A popular theory  explaining the evolution ..1.. the universe is known as the Big Bang Model. According ..2.. the model, at some time between ten …3.. twenty billion years  ago, all present matter and energy were compressed into a small ball only a few kilometres  in diameter. It was, in effect, an atom …4… contained in the form of pure energy all of the components of the entire universe. Then, at a moment  …5..time that astronomers refer to as T = 0, the ball exploded, hurling the energy …6…space. Expansion occurred. As the energy cooled, most …7….it became matter in the form of protons, neutrons and ….8…. These original particles ….9…to form hydrogen and helium, and continue to expand. Matter formed into galaxies with stars and …10.

B/ Choose the best one.

1/ Which sentence below best summarises this passage?

  1. The Big Bang theory does not account for the evolution of the universe.
  2. According to the Big Bang Model, an explosion caused the formation of the  Universe.
  3. The universe is made of  hydrogen and helium.
  4. The universe is more than ten billion years old.

2/ According  to the passage , when was the universe formed?

  1. Ten billion years ago.
  2. Fifteen billion years ago
  3. At T = 0
  4. Twenty billion years ago

3/ The environment before the Big Bang is described as all of the following except

  1. compressed matter
  2. energy
  3. all the components of the universe
  4. protons, neutrons and electrons

4/ The word compressed could best be replaced by.

  1. excited
  2. blanced
  3. reduced
  4. controlled

5/ It may be inferred that

  1. energy and matter are the same.
  2. Protons, neutrons, and electrons are not matter
  3. Energy may be converted into matter
  4. The galaxies stopped expanding as energy cooled

Question V:

A-  Find the mistakes and correct them in these sentences.

1. His drawings are as perfect as his instructor.

2. Although my mother never eats desert, I prefer something sweet.

3. The price of oil used to be a great deal lower than now, wasn’t it?

4. John lived in New York since 1960 to 1975, but now he is living in Detroit.

5. We had better to review this chapter carefully because we will have some questions on it our test.

B- Make up sentences with the words given.

  1. The hotter/it/miserable/feel./
  2. The sooner/medicine/better/feel/
  3. Lately/not work/hard/as/should/
  4. It/an hour/wash/his car./
  5. Nam/give/a book/ his / last birthday/

Question VI: Rewrite  the following sentences and the meaning stays the same.

  1. Your hair is long. You’d better have it cut.

- Your hair …….

2.     Are you against working on Sunday?

-  Do you object …..

3.     We looked for the letter everywhere but we didn’t find it.

-  The letter was …..

4. When I arrived in China. I wrote a letter home.

-  On ……

5.  If you hadn’t helped him, he couldn’t have gained such maverllous result.

-  But ……..

6.  If Nam arrived on time. We could start early.

-  Were …….

7.  I haven’t seen my old school friend for 2 years.

-  The last ……

8.  It’ll be necessary for her to give up her job soon.

-  Soon she……..

9.  This event  will always be remembered for the rest of our life.

-  Never …….

10.       It was my first visit to North America.

-  I ………


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