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Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT (đề 36)

[] – Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT- Trung tâm gia sư sư phạm Hà Nội.

Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT (đề 36):

Đề bài:

Trường THCS Vân Trục

Đề thi đầu vào THPT

Môn: Tiếng Anh

Thời gian làm bài : 60 phút

I-Phonetics: Choose the word in each group that has underlined part pronounced differently from the rest:

1.A. hear                     B. clear                        C. bear                         D. ear

2.A. blood                   B. pool                                    C. food                        D. tool

3.A. mouse                  B. could                      C. would                     D. put

4.A. think                    B. that                         C. three                       D. thanks

5.A. concerned B. received C. attacked D. concealed

6.A. scholarship          B. chemist                   C. cheerful                  D. ache

7.A. village                  B. passage                   C. magazine                D. gesture

8.A. peer                     B. fee C. sleeve                      D. feed

9.A. lamb B. doubt                      C. both                                    D. climb

10.A. nothing              B. strong                     C. among                     D. mother

II-Vocabs-Grammar: Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences:

1.I wish she …………………next examination.

A. can pass                  B. can passed              C. could pass               D. could passed

2.I am very proud ……………… my school.


4.I knew her …………….I was a child.

A. since                       B. until                                    C. while                       D. when

5.Do you enjoy ………………English ?

A. learn                       B. learnt                      C. to learn                   D. learning

6.She said that she ………………learning English with you.

A. liked                       B. to like                     C. liking                      D. like

7.If you want to  …………….. your English, we can help you.

A. improve                  B. improved                C. improving               D. improvement

8.The meeting will be …………….. tomorrow.

A. have                        B. had                         C. hold                                    D. held

9.Your teacher writes poems or stories, …………….. she?

A. doesn’t                   B. don’t                       C. didn’t                     D. won’t

10.He laughs a lot because ………….. her funny face.

A. of                            B. off                          C. in                            D. on

11.Lan used to walk the mosque ………….. her way to primary school.

A. to                            B. on                           C. in                            D. at

12.It’s raining. ……………., Mr. Binh has to go to work.

A. Because                  B. But                         C. Therefore                D. However

13.It seems very difficult  for me to have a trip abroad. It all depends ……….my parents. Any way we’ll keep ……….touch.

A. on-in                       B. in-in                                    C. on-on                      D. of-off

14.We used to ……………… along the street when I was small.

A. not walk                 B. walking                   C. walked                    D. walk

15.I’d rather my vacation ……………… longer.

A. is                             B. was                         C. were                        D. been

16.She got used to ……………….. early.

A. get up                     B. gets up                    C. getting up               D. got up

17.We pay the …………….. bill at the end each month.

A. electricity               B. electric                    C. electrical                 D. electrician

18.She said that she ………………. you some day.

A. had visited             B. visited                     C. would visit             D. visits

19.You have lived here since 1980, ………………..?

A. didn’t you              B. haven’t you                        C. don’t you                D. have you

20.Mr and Mrs. Smith have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary…………….. .

A. last                          B. late                          C. later                                    D. lately


A. Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Among the festival celebrated by some of Asian people is the Moon Cake Festival, also known as the Mid-August Festival. Large numbers of small round moon cakes are eaten on this day, and children enjoy carrying colorful paper lanterns come in all shapes; the more popular ones are shaped like fish, rabbits and butterflies. According to them, the moon shines brightest on the night of the Moon Cake Festival. As the moon rises, tables are placed outside the house and women make offerings of fruit and moon cakes to the Moon Goddess.

1.What does the passage mainly discuss ?

A. Festivals                 B. Rice-cooking festival         C. Lunar new year      D. Mid-August Festival

2.The phrase “ Mid-August Festival” can be replaced by …………………………… .

A. Mid-Autumn Festival

B. Early-Autumn Festival

C. Late-Autumn Festival

D. Autumn Festival

3.What types of food do Asian people usually eat on this day?

A. cakes                      B. sticky-rice cake                   C. fruit                        D. fruit and moon cakes

4.When does the moon shine brightest ?

A. the night before the Moon Cake Festival

B. the night after the Moon Festival

C. the night of the Moon Cake Festival

D. the following night

5. What is NOT mentioned in the passage ?

A. paper lanterns         B. moon shines                        C.  moon cakes            D. lion-dancing

B. True(T) or False(F) or Not Given(N.G):

1.Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in Asia.                    ……………..

2.It happens in late August                                                 ……………..

3.Children like carrying colorful paper lanterns.                ……………..

4.People can eat moon cakes in the garden.                       ……………..

5.The moon shines brightest on that night.                         ……………..

IV-WRITING: Choose the best sentences:

1.They built this house last month.

A. This house were built last month.

B. this house is built last month.

C. This house was built last month.

D. This house was build last month.

2.Is this the book ? You want me to read?

A. Is this the book which you want me to read?

B. Is this the book who you want me to read?

C. Is this the book whom you want me to read?

D. Is this the book whose you want me to read?

3.I don’t understand you. You speak very quickly.

A. If you didn’t speak quickly, I could understand you.

B If you don’t speak quickly, I could understand you.

C. If you speak quickly, I could understand you.

D. If you didn’t speak quickly, I will understand you.

4.This car is too old for me to buy.

A. This car is very old, so I can’t buy it.

B. Although this car is old, I can buy it

C. This car is old, so I can buy it

D.A and C are correct

5. They have work in that company since 2001.

A. They started to work in that company in2001.

B. They have started to work in that company in2001.

C. They have worked in that company in2001.

D. They worked in that company since2001.


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