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Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT (đề 42)

[] – Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT- Trung tâm gia sư sư phạm Hà Nội.

Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT (đề 42):

Đề bài:

I-PHONETICS: Choose the word in each group that has underlined part pronounced differently from the rest:

1.A. took                                         D.choose

2.A. clothed                B.impressed               C.enjoyed          D.worked

3.A. please                  B.pleasure                   C.easy                D.teacher

4.A. comprise              B.divide                      C.primary        D.religion

5.A. what                    B.who                         C.where              D.when


A.Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences:

6. The Ao dai is the traditional …………… of Vietnamese women.

A.skirt             B.dress                        C.jeans                        D.trousers

7. Nowadays, many Vietnamese women prefer to wear modern ……… work.

A.cloth                        B.cloths                                D.clothes

8. Maryam and Lan are pen pals and they …………. at least once a month.

A.correspond  B.visit                   

9. The Vietnamese ………… of currency is the dong.

A.lesson                      B.unit                          C.lecture                      D.chapter

10. Her jacket is made ………….. very soft leather.                            B.of                             C.with   

11. “How do you know Nga, Phuong ?”

“Oh, she’s a …………. friend.”              B.true                          C.close                        D.near

12. I used to visit my grandparents. I …………….. them every weekend.

A.visit             B.will visit                   C.have visit                 D.visited

13. We ………….. our form teacher since last monday.

A.didn’t see                B.haven’t seen            C.weren’t seeing         D.not saw

14. I wish I …………… as tall as my brother.                           B.was                          C.were             D.have been

15. the road to our village …………………. as soon as possible.

A.will be widen          B.must widened          C.has to be widen       D.should be widened

16. This room is very dirty. ……………………. for ages ?

A.Didn’t it use            B.Wasn’t it used         C.Hasn’t it used          D.Hasn’t it been used

17. I prefer dogs ………… cats. I hate cats.

A.from                        B.over             C.than   

18. When I entered the room, the baby ………………. quietly. sleeping    B.was sleeping            C.slept             D.were sleeping

19. I ………………… jeans when I was a child.

A.don’t wear   B.didn’t use to wear   C.wasn’t wear D.hasn’t worn

20. Here’s my report. ………………………….. it at last.

A.I finish                     B.I finished                 C.I’m finished D.I’ve finished

B.There is a mistake in the four underlined parts of each sentence. Find the mistakes

21. We didn’t write to each other for two years.

                              A                     B         C       D

22. Mr Van wishes that he has a radio to listen to the news.

                                           A         B                    C               D

23. The grass hasn’t cut since we moved here.

            A                        B          C              D

24. When he lived in the countryside, Nam usually go fishing with his cousins.

               A                                              B                                    C                            D

25. All the flights had to been canceled because of the storm.

A                  B         C                          D


A. Read the folllowing passage and choose the best answer for each blank:

running shoes

Running is now very popular both as sport and as a way of keeping fit. Even if you only run a short(26)…………….once or twice a week, you(27)………… make sure you wear good shoes. (28)………….is a lot of choice nowadays in running shoes. First of all, decide how(29) ……………you want to(30)…………… on your shoes. Then find a pair which fits you well. Be prepared to(31)…………… different sizes in different types of shoes. Women’s shoes are made narrower(32)…………. men’s and, although most women will find a woman’s shoe which suits them, there is no (33)………….. why a woman can’t wear a man’s shoe. The same  is true for a man (34)………….. a woman’s shoe fits you better, then wear it. Take your time in the shop. If you(35)……………… a mistake and buy the wrong shoes, your feet will let you know.

26.A.distance              B.path                         C.line                           D.length

27.A.would                 B.should                      C.need                         D.must

28.A.It                                    B.There                       C.This                          D.That

29.A.far                       B.long                         C.many                        D.much

30.A.spend                                  C.charge            

31.A.look                    B.ask                           C.try                            D.experiment                                         C.than                         D.from

33.A.fact                     B.reason                      C.knowledge               D.choice

34.A.since                   B.because                                       D.if                       B.make                        C.cause                        D.decide

B. Read the passage and choose the correct answer.

Well, I think that living in Bangkok is very exciting. I haven’t lived here all my life. My family came here when I was three. But now it is my home. Nearly all my friends live here.

It is our capital city, and very big. From morning till night there are crowds of people on the main streets. Some parts of the city are very noisy. I have a long journey to school everyday, but I don’t mind because it is so interesting. There’s always something happening in the streets. There are all kinds of people selling things – fruits, flowers, cooked food, clothes – everything you can imagine. I really enjoy the excitement of the crowded streets and large modern buildings. I love walking around the streets at the weekend with some other boys from my class.

36. when did the writer move to Bangkok ?

A. When he was three month years old.         B. At the age of three

C. When he was in grade three.                                  D. At the age of thirteen.

37. What does the word “main” in paragraph 2 mean?

A. quiet                       B. minor                      C. major                      D. clean

38. Why doesn’t the writer mind the long journey to his school?

A. Because he travel by bus

B. Because he can see many interesting things in the streets.

C. Because he is selling fruits.

D. Because he can enjoy cooked food.

39. Which of the following sentences is not true ?

A. The writer was born in Bangkok.               B. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand.

C. The writer’s house is very far from his school.

D. Almost streets in Bangkok are crowded and busy.

40. Who does the writer walk around the streets at weekends with ?

A. his sister                 B.his brother   C.his cousins   D.his classmates

IV- Writing: Choose one option that has the same meaning to the original sentence by choosing from A,B,C or D:

41. I have never seen this style of jeans before.

A. It’s this tyle of jeans that I have never seen.

B. It’s the first time I’ve eber seen this style of jeans.

C. It’s the new chance that I saw this style of jeans.

D. It’s the fact that I have ever seen this style of jeans.

42. Mr Minh doesn’t have a red tie and he wants to have one very much.

A. Mr Minh wishes to be had a red tie.          B. Mr Minh wishes that he has a red tie.

C.  Mr Minh wishes he had a red tie.              D. Mr Minh wishes he will have a red tie.

43. You must return the books by this friday.

A. The books must been returned by this friday.

B. The books have be returned by this friday.

C. The books have to return by this friday.

D. The books must be returned by this friday.

44. How long have you worked as a designer ?

A. When have you worked as a designer ?

B. When did you start working as a designer ?

C. When did you design your work ?

D. When did you begine working for a designer ?

45. It’s time for us to go home now.

A. It’s time we went home.                            B. It’s time we go home.

C. It’s time we’ll go home.                             D. It’s time we would go home.


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