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Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT (đề 65)

[] – Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT- Trung tâm gia sư sư phạm Hà Nội.

Luyện thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT (đề 65):

Đề bài:

I. Multiple choices:

1. _______ of the workers has his own work.

A. Every                      B. Each                        C. Other                                   D. All

2. The numbers add _______ to 70.

A. off               B. up                            C. in                                         D. out

3. The equipment in our office needs _______.

A. moderner     B. modernizing             C. modernized              D. modernization

4. He felt _______ when he failed the exams the second time.

A. discouraged             B. annoyed                   C. undecided               D. determined

5. I have bought a present for my mother, and now I need some _______.

A. paper wrapper          B. wrap paper   C. wrapped paper                     D. wrapping paper

6. Computer is one of the most important _______ of the 20th century.

A. inventings   B. inventories   C. inventions                D. inventors

7. If they are not careful with their accounts, their business will go _______.

A. poor                     B. bankrupt                  C. penniless                   D. broken

8. It was really kind _______ you to help those poor people.

A. by                           B. of                             C. at                                     D. to

9. Do you know _______?

A. what wrong was it with                   B. what’s wrong with it

C. what wrong was with it                    D. what wrong is it with

10. If you had taken my advice, you _______ in such difficulties.

A. won’t be                  B. hadn’t been C. wouldn’t be              D. wouldn’t have been

11. Hair colour is one of _______ characteristics to be used in identifying people.

A. the most obviously                           B. most obvious

C. obviously the most                           D. the most obvious

12. I would appreciate it _______ what I have told you a secret.

A. you can keep           B. that you kept            C. you will keep            D. if you kept

13. My cat would not have bitten the toy fish _______ it was made of rubber.

A. if she has known                             B. if she should know

C. had she known                                            D. if she knew

14. I wish I hadn’t said it. If only I could _______.

A. turn the clock round                                    B. turn the clock down

C. turn the clock back                          D. turn the clock forward

15. _______, the results couldn’t be better.

A. No matter what he tried hard           B. No matter how hard he tried

C. Although very hard he tried                         D. Despite how hard he tried

16. He gave me his personal _______ that his draft would be ready by Friday.

A. endurance   B. insurance                 C. assurance                D. ensurance

17. They will stay there for some days if the weather _______ fine.

A. would be                 B. was              C. is                                         D. will be

18. Many people like the slow _______ of life in the countryside.

A. step                         B. pace                         C. speed                            D. space

19. I am used to _____ by plane.

A. travel                       B. to travel                    C. travelled                     D. travelling

20. There are a lot of _____ jobs in this company.

A. attractive     B. attracted                   C. attract                          D. attraction

II. Read, then choose the best answer (A,B,C or D) to complete the gap”

 The next generation of telephone users will probably laugh (1)______ we explain how we used to stand next to a wall in the kitchen to (2)______ a phone call. Mobile communications, already highly advanced compared with a decade ago, will

completely change communications in the next few years. (3)______ there are millions of people using mobile phones, most people know (4)______ about the mobile telecommunications industry and its technology. There are three types of mobile phone. These are hand portables, pocket-sized hand portables and transportables. The

smallest and most popular are the pocket-sized hand portables. These work on rechargeable batteries, which allow an (5)______ of up to 80 minutes’ conversation. Mobiles that are fitted permanently in a vehicle do not (6)______ on separate batteries. They require an external aerial on the vehicle. This can mean a stronger signal with clearer (7)______. Transportables have a high power capability and can be used (8)______ anywhere. They come with powerful battery packs for longer, continuous use and may also be put (9)______ a vehicle, using its electrics. They (10)______ to be bulkier than hand portables.

1. A. unless    B. when                       C. while                       D. whether

2. A. make                 B. give                         C. take                         D. do

3. A. In addition         B. Because                   C. As a result   D. Although

4. A. little                   B. some                        C. few              D. lots

5. A. amount B. account                    C. activity                    D. average

6. A. rely                   B. create                       C. carry                        D. insist

7. A. wave                 B. letter                        C. speech                     D. speed

8. A. mostly   B. hardly                      C. most                        D. almost

9. A. on with B. into              C. up with                    D. in to

10. A. used                 B. have                         C. tend                         D. are

III. Multiple choices: Which one is the same as the root?

1: ”Leave my house now or I’ll call the police!” shouted the lady to the man.

A. The lady threatened to call the police if the man didn’t leave her house.

B. The lady said that she would call the police if the man didn’t leave her house.

C. The lady told the man that she would call the police if he didn’t leave her house.

D. The lady informed the man that she would call the police if he didn’t leave her house

2: He last had his eyes tested ten months ago.

A. He had tested his eyes ten months before.

B. He had not tested his eyes for ten months then.

C. He hasn’t had his eyes tested for ten months.

D. He didn’t have any test on his eyes in ten months.

3: ”You should have finished the report by now,” John told his secretary.

A. John reproached his secretary for not having finished the report.

B. John said that his secretary had not finished the report.

C. John reminded his secretary of finishing the report on time.

D. John scolded his secretary for not having finished the report.

4: ”If I were you, I would take the job,” said my room-mate.

A. My room-mate was thinking about taking the job.

B. My room-mate advised me to take the job.

C. My room-mate introduced the idea of taking the job to me.

D. My room-mate insisted on taking the job for me.


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